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Avenues Open Studios, Works by Various Artists, at Chapman Branch Library

Salt Lake City
Jan. 14 – Feb. 25

Avenues Open Studios, Works by Various Artists, at Chapman Branch Library

Artist Reception: Jan. 14, 4 – 5:30 pm

The original idea for Avenues Open Studios was to provide a venue for artists in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake City.

We discussed at length the difficulty faced by many artists who have few options to display and promote their work in recent years. Many galleries have closed, many more restrict inclusion to those artists who are well known, mainstream and profitable. Artists who do not fit into the art business mold have no avenue for expression.

Avenues Open Studios was therefore conceived to include and embrace not only well-known artists, but neighborhood outsiders as well. Those artists who create experimental and unusual work, often without regard to perceived value…in short, artists who have been excluded from the usual art community.

Therefore, our statement of purpose:

No Judging

No Censoring

No Exclusion – everyone welcome

Art…Off the Grid.

The Avenues neighborhood is well-known as the City’s home to outsiders of all stripes. Namely, diversity in all it’s permutations. We are proud to be different and proud to offer inclusion to those who may not have been welcomed before…we are artists first.

Dates & Times 2023 – Our 9th Year!

Friday, September 22nd – 4pm to 8pm

Saturday, September 23rd – 11am to 7pm

Avenues Open Studios is entirely independent and self-funded and offers our visitors a chance to see art that may not be available elsewhere.

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