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Artist listings in our Utah Artists Directories are open to all visual artists who reside part-time or full-time in the state of Utah. The listings will remain on our site as long as the artist resides in the state. There is no annual fee for the artist listings. A one-time setup fee is required to create an artist listing. To learn how to create your listing click here.

Painting | Utah Artists - D

Samantha daSilva

Having traveled extensively and acquired (nearly) three citizenships, daSilva’s paintings are a visual narrative of unrelenting feminine power and the exploration of the universal experiences of abandonment, heritage and the eternal sense of home. Against the remarkable backdrop of the American West – a place as fierce as it is exquisite – daSilva navigates her paintings with ritual, grace and quiet force. daSilva infuses her environment into her work using: iron-rich Utah dirt, salt from the Great Salt Lake, plaster, repurposed paint, metallic pigments and local newspaper to create ethereal, textured abstracts.

Illustration & Animation | Printmaking | Utah Artists - D

Elizabeth Dewitte

“I can’t seem to commit to just one voice when it comes to visually expressing myself. I get so inspired by everything I observe. I jump between mediums and disciplines with zero regrets. I paint a folksy flowerpot with my kids, which helps me create a logo for a nonprofit. Maybe this is why I identify as a moth. I keep flying towards any source of light.”