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Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle graduated long ago from the University of Kansas, the university highly recommended by the Wizard of Oz. Her publication credits include New England Review, Indian Review, Remembered Arts Journal, and Underwater New York, which has just published her artwork and a big handful of poems, forming an e-chapbook of poetry: The Underwater American Songbook. Rebecca’s art website is

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Jennifer Rasmusson Takes Flight with New Abstracts at A Gallery

There is a neat taking-off trick here: two of Jennifer Rasmusson’s back-in-time representational paintings are here, separated from her New Abstracts now filling A Gallery’s white-on-white indoor sky-lit courtyard area. The pre-abstract “Collection of Blues” is eye-level; it’s very large; one bloom is the size of your head. […]

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Chamomile for Elsinore: Tea Tuesdays at the Marmalade Library

Once plants — were art? Most knew them, at least something about their medicinal powers, their lore. Unlucky Ophelia had her declarative listless list of flowers, her mad list, herb and flower names (“…rosemary, that’s for remembrance…Pansies, that’s for thoughts”) symbolizing pre-suicide remembrance and rue—though why-hadn’t-Hamlet-loved-her-enough was the […]