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Rebecca Pyle

Rebecca Pyle is a Salt Lake City writer and painter, her painting work and writing work appearing in dozens of art and literary journals such as New England Review, Indian Review, and Underwater New York. A review of her most recent show of oil paintings, "Choreographing Canvas: Rebecca Pyle’s Expressionist Symphonies," by Hannah Sandorf Davis, appeared in January 2018 in 15 Bytes.

15 Bytes

Chamomile for Elsinore: Tea Tuesdays at the Marmalade Library

Once plants — were art? Most knew them, at least something about their medicinal powers, their lore. Unlucky Ophelia had her declarative listless list of flowers, her mad list, herb and flower names (“…rosemary, that’s for remembrance…Pansies, that’s for thoughts”) symbolizing pre-suicide remembrance and rue—though why-hadn’t-Hamlet-loved-her-enough was the […]