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Patricia McMillen

Patricia McMillen is a retired lawyer, writer, folk musician and community activist. Prior to reviewing Nancy Takacs' Dearest Water, her previous flirtations with the state of Utah were attending Sundance Film Festival (virtually, earlier this year; live, before that); sliding (tumbling?) down snow-covered mountains in beautiful Alta/Little Cottonwood Canyon; and climbing the Kaiparowits Plateau in 1991 with Four Corners School of Outdoor Education and half a dozen mules. Mostly, however, she's a flatlander who lives and writes (poetry, biography, dramaturgy) in Chicago's Little Italy neighborhood, former home of beloved statues of Joe DiMaggio and Cristoforo Colombo.

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Nancy Takacs’ New Collection of Poetry Gifts Readers Questions to Which There Are No Answers

Nancy Takacs’ fourth full-length poetry collection, Dearest Water (Mayapple Press 2022, 77pp.) continues the poet’s journey toward the spiritual center of wilderness, whether encountered out-of-doors (on a desert clifftop, say, or under a star-studded Western night sky) or glimpsed interiorly, after an argument with a beloved husband or […]