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On the Spot

This is our chance to check in with members of Utah's art community to see what they've been reading, seeing, doing.

On the Spot | Visual Arts

Karl Pace

You can find Salt Lake City artist Karl Pace in his studio at the Poor Yorick Open Studio, September 28th & 29th. Go to page 8 for more information.   What hangs above your mantel? The artwork above my mantel changes frequently, but usually there is a monotype that my wife, Martha […]

On the Spot | Visual Arts

Doug Braithwaite

Doug Braithwaite is known around the state for his plein-air landscape paintings, which have won numerous awards (see page 6). Brandon Cook reviewed the artist’s recent exhibition at the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden for our June edition. What hangs above your mantel? I have a 1986 etching called […]

On the Spot | Visual Arts

Eileen Doktorski

Eileen Doktorski is an assistant professor of sculpture at Utah State University where she has taught since 2002. Her installation “Domestic Arsenal” is currently on display at the Salt Lake Art Center through May. Doktorski was a Fulbright Scholar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland […]

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