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Larry Menlove

Larry Menlove is a graduate of the University of Utah. His fiction has appeared in many venues including Weber Studies, Dialogue, Irreantum and Sunstone. He lives with his wife, children and an old cat in Spring Lake.

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Ground-Truth in Thin Places: A Personal Response to Brooke Williams’ “Open Midnight”

Just a day before I picked up Brooke Williams’ latest book, the nonfiction Open Midnight:Where Ancestors and Wilderness Meet (Trinity University Press), my wife, Chautel, and I had just returned from a long weekend spent in Boulder, Utah. We stayed at the lodge and made daily hikes into the Escalante Staircase […]

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Fracture Lines: The Beautiful and the Grotesque in Nate Liederbach’s Beasts You’ll Never See

  Nate Liederbach’s collection, Beasts You’ll Never See, begins: When our youngest sister went anorexic at twenty-nine her cheeks sprouted mold-white peach hair, her gums grayed, her auburn mane scraggled dull and spit clumps, yet we couldn’t mention it. A beast? The story is titled, “Daddy Bird.” And […]