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Hikmet Sidney Loe

Hikmet Sidney Loe's book, The Spiral Jetty Encyclo: Exploring Robert Smithson's Earthwork through Time and Place, was published in 2017. She teaches art history, loves wandering with her Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and has been writing for 15 Bytes since 2005.

Exhibition Reviews

Lines Straight and Curved: DemoGraphics at Rio Gallery Weaves Together Visual Vocabularies

DemoGraphics, the Rio Gallery’s recent group exhibition, was a showcase of seven regional artists brought together through themes of visual language and communication. According to the gallery: “The exhibition explores communication with a personal, visual language, asking the viewer to let the artwork be heard. The viewer is […]

Visual Arts

Patricia Johanson’s Monumental Public Art

Public art matters. That is the takeaway message from viewing Patricia Johanson’s monumental public artwork in Sugar House, Salt Lake City. It matters, and in the hands of a seasoned and passionate artist, it matters deeply and is successfully translated to the public. Johanson’s environmental work —with the Echo Canyon portion completed this June—not only addresses many audiences and their interests, it’s a work that takes us on a journey from the macrocosm of history and time to the microcosms embedded in her work; from natural beauty to environmental sustainability to cultural heritage.

Visual Arts

Robert Smithson’s Sculpture in Context at UMFA

On March 18th, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) unveiled a work by American artist RobertSmithson (1938-1973), on loan from Dia Art Foundation. The regional partnerships Dia formed in early 2012 with UMFA and Westminster College’s Great Salt Lake Institute regarding Smithson’s monumental earthwork Spiral Jetty finds its first publicly-seen collaborative venture in the loan of Smithson’s sculpture “Leaning Mirror […]