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Geoff Wichert

Geoff Wichert has degrees in critical writing and creative nonfiction. He writes about art to settle the arguments going on in his head.

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Daniel Ochoa

” . . . alternatively abstract and representational, realistic and diagrammatic, impressionistic and expressionistic, detached and engaged, these paintings move back and forth as casually as truly bilingual speakers switch between shared languages, using whatever verbal gesture or linguistic brushstroke best expresses the moment’s feeling or thought. From […]

In Memoriam

Andrew Wyeth

Recalling Andrew Wyeth by Geoff Wichert Michael Kimmelman, writing in the New York Times, had this to say about Andrew Wyeth, who died in his sleep earlier today (Friday, January 16th): “Andrew Wyeth, one of the most popular and also most lambasted artists in the history of American […]

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Painterly Strategy

Painterly Strategy by Geoff Wichert “We must all hang together, or we will all hang separately” Benjamin Franklin In Utah, artists divide themselves into a variety of sub-categories according to where they live, the mediums they use to make art, and their loyalties to various historical art movements. […]