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Ann Poore

A graduate of the University of Utah, Ann Poore is a freelance writer and editor who spent most of her career at The Salt Lake Tribune. She also worked for Salt Lake City Weekly and has written for such publications as Utah Business Magazine and Salt Lake Magazine.

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UMFA Hires New Curator

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts has a new curator of European, American and Regional Art. Gretchen Dietrich, UMFA executive director, says Leslie Anderson-Perkins will be “invaluable as she brings a fresh eye to these important collections and plans new ways of presenting them to our visitors.” Formerly […]

Artist Profiles | Visual Arts

Toni Youngblood

An architect who rescues greyhounds retired from racing; an accomplished artist who does paintings of the saxophones she plays; an environmentalist who recycles to an admittedly obsessive extent — Toni Youngblood is an intriguing woman who constantly keeps busy. Though she works in a variety of mediums, encaustic […]