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Daily Bytes | Mixed Media

Gedion Nyanhongo and other MiXeD MeDiA

Recent articles on Utah’s art world 8/19 BYU unveils donated painting ‘Treasures of Knowledge’ by artist Greg Olsen 8/20 Two ‘art detectives’ solve an LDS Church history art mystery 8/21 Gedion Nyanhongo listens as he frees images from the rock 8/21 Perfect Date: Modern twist […]

Daily Bytes | Music

Intermezzo Contemplates Words and Music

In a novel and effective move, each piece, and each movement in the case of the Brahms, was prefaced by a reading of lines of poetry, or lines from a play, or in the case of the Glinka, a narrative of a brief portion of the composer’s life in the composer’s words. Three actors/actresses from Salt Lake Acting Company performed these readings. They were Olivia Custodio, Robert Scott Smith, and Alexis Baigue.