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Audrey Mancini

I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and have always been charmed and influenced by the incredible natural environment of this state. It is the constantly fluctuating backdrop to my childhood, and now young adult life. I am most happy when reflecting on the beautiful colors and forms of the local mountain ranges, deserts, and forests. I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate studies and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a minor in Ethnic Studies. I am passionate about meditation and use painting as a form of meditation, healing and holding space for myself.

Artist Statement
“My paintings are inspired by the landscapes of my life. Mostly, I am inspired by the forms, colors, and textures of southern Utah, but also from the landscapes of my dreams and of the various places I have lived. I paint abstract “scapes” that reflect my emotional response and reaction to the place, space, and time of a specific environment. I enjoy stretching the boundaries of color and form, manipulating them to reflect the fleeting and ever changing nature of my memories of place. My intention when I paint is to intuitively portray my experiences of a place, drawing on the depths of the emotional subconscious impressions in my mind. I see the change of seasons across the landscape as a mirror of my changing state of being, something I am able to explore and process as I mix colors and create abstract landscapes.”

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