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At an Angle: David Baddley’s Office and the Westminster Bells

by J. Michael Redd

Apple Tree Susanville, by David Baddeley

Apple Tree, Susanville, CA by David Baddeley

“Apple Tree, Susanville, CA” is the title of one of 21 two by three foot unframed photographs that appeared in the 2011 Not Home exhibit featuring photography by David Baddley, photographer-in-residence and faculty member at Westminster College. Entangled in the mid-level branches of a fruit-filled green apple tree and about 12 feet above ground, is an eight by two foot industrial light cannister pointed at the ground with four fluorescent tubes still in their slots. Baddley’s unique lens captures the profound on the other side of the quotidian.


Sidebar re: Baddley office and Appletree, Susanville photo


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The Casio keyboard is connected by wire to the NOVA Bell Generation 4 carillon player-amplifier supplied by Schulmerich Bells; which player amplifier is the source of the bells and chimes coming through the four loudspeakers in Converse Hall’s belfry.  If you live in the area, or drive through it on a regular basis, you know the chimes. If not, you’ll learn more about them in the upcoming edition of 15 Bytes.


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