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Asking “What If . . .”: Stacy Phillips and the Creative Life

One of the most annoying questions you can ask an artist is: “How long did this take to make?” Stacy Phillips’ solo exhibit at Trove Gallery, opening Dec. 30, demonstrates the long gestation time it takes to bring creative ideas to life. In fact, it provides a glimpse into the nonlinear way an artist can, with a sideways glance at a messy shelf, ask a “what if” question and come up with a novel answer. If there’s any one thing that ties this diverse exhibit together it’s Phillips’ lifelong drive to try something new. She admits there’s not just one, but several, bodies of work she has begun to explore here and the viewer gets to see the genesis of each . . .


Read the full profile in the December 2016 edition of 15 Bytes.

Sue Martin holds an M.A. in Theatre and has worked in public relations. As an artist, she works in watercolor, oil, and acrylic to capture Utah landscapes or the beauty of everyday objects in still life.

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