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Art Since 1960: Selections from the UMFA’s Permanent Collection

With many under more of a strain balancing the budget this holiday season, it may seem superfluous to part with depleting dollars for non-essentials. However, for some good R+R from worries plaguing us all, a sacrifice of $5 dollars spent for a ticket at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts is well spent and timely. Getting a ticket that will give access to numerous, particularly strong exhibitions is well worth giving up a mocha frappacino for.

One of these is Art Since 1960: Selections from the Museum’s Permanent Collection.This is one of the more light-hearted exhibitions currently on display, entertaining and historic, and is a rare opportunity to see works seldom on show.

For those acquainted with High Modernism, the names of the artists alone will be tantalizing: Robert Rauschenberg, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Robert Mangold, Joseph Albers, Robert Smithson, Gerhard Richter amongst other notables. And these are not fragmentary drawings or minor works but solid, definitive examples of each artist’s talents.

Rauschenberg’s “Treaty” 1974, Lichtenstein’s “Brushstrokes” 1967 and Rosenquist’s “F-11” 1974 are three of many iconic works that any museum would be proud to have in their collection.

For those less familiar with High Modernism, this exhibition will be no less entertaining or provocative. These are palpable works unlike Maleavich’s “Black Square” or a Twombly abstraction that would leave many in a quandary and with a headache.

This is a fun exhibition, a rare treat to see some exciting works by exciting artists never before brought together at the UMFA. With the other exhibitions on display, powerful exhibitions that can be read about on the Museum’s web site, or in this and past editions of 15 Bytes, this veritable vacation from the world is well worth $5. If you can’t go without a mocha frappacino think about downsizing to some good old fashioned brew for a day or two.


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