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Art Lake City

In the December edition of 15 Bytes we announced Art Lake City, Matt and Laura Chiodo shot an entire photo essay to begin our project, this was one of the photographs that they took.

Can you guess where it was taken?!?!

There is plenty of art to see on the streets of Salt Lake, from official public art sculptures and murals, to impromptu creative expressions. If you’ve wondered what you’ll find on the Art Lake City app, we hope you get the picture. We also hope you’ll get the picture. For us. Whether you take them with your phone, ipad or SLR, we hope you’ll send us your images of what you find artistic about Salt Lake City or your local community so we can share them with the world.

This is our challenge to you…Send us your photos today!

The first person to write us in and tell us where this photograph was taken will win a 15 Bytes t-shirt or a 15 Bytes poster your pick!

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