Art Basel, Miami Day 4

Well, we didn’t make it all the way through; and we took day four to head over to the Rubell Family Collection–contained in an AMAZINGLY SWEET warehouse in the Wynwood art district.  The space was huge, the work was great, they had an awesome bookstore, and I just like what those folks are doing all around.  The Rubells love collecting, facilitating, and talking about art.  They make their collection–which is very hot and in-depth–accessible to the public, and have shows up of their various acquisitions all over the world all the time  (Remember, they are the ones who brought the Leipzig show to Salt Lake).  
It was nice to take a break from the art pedaling buffet for a moment to view work displayed without the sole intention of selling.  There was a large show of Hernan Bas, a Miami artist who does sorta fantasized hardy-boysish paintings, drawings, and video.  Among my favorites were:  Thomas Zipp (paintings and a really cool installation), Andro Wekua, Jason Rhoades (neon seems to be all the craze), Thomas Shutte, Mai-Thu Perret, Marlene Dumas (LOVED her artist statement, more so than the actual work), and Nathalie Djurberg, whom I enjoyed tremendously–she does these odd and wonderful claymation shorts with a lovely score by another guy.  I also saw some at Basel

After we got through that, we didn’t make it back to Art Basel, as they closed early on the last day.  It is crazy.  We concluded that there is just no way possible to make it through not only Basel, but then in addition all the other cool fringe fairs.  There was surely awesome stuff to be seen there that we didn’t even touch on.   Now I’ll know for next year to make a succinct plan to follow…and hopefully return someday as a participating artist! 
— Cara Despain

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