Art Basel, Miami Day 3

We got a little discombobulated in our methodical approach.  Didn’t cover as much as we had planned.  But we needed a break.  As we go, I’m starting to notice a lot of repeats; that is multiple galleries representing the same artist.  Which  helps pin them down in my memory.  It’s quite the whirlwhind; sometimes it’s like the biggest, greatest conglomorate of the world’s sweetest galleries, and sometimes it feels like being at a giant mall…and you’re fifteen and can’t
afford anything.   
Tonight we are off to the Wynwood art district,where I hear there is a big Takashi Murakami exhibit, which would be awesome.  but we may be too late.  Regardless, we will be back in the area tomorrow to see the Rubell warehouse and whatever else may be around.  With all the other art fairs going on parellel with Basel, you just can’t get away from art.  Artists for day 3:  Tjorg D. Beer,
Cosima von Borin, Casey Kaplan with his fun explosive flourescents, Angelo Filomens for some sweet embroidery, Nicholas Paris, Friedrich Kunath.  And much more.  Some of these may be familiar.


Cara Despain

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