Art Basel, Miami Day 2

Looking at art is so exciting, and so exhausting.  We had to get systematic.  There is so much to cover, we had to make a plan and map it out.  We still aren’t even halfway through.  We saw some interesting stuff, some new to me, some old.  Saw some Louise Bourgeois drawings on paper and some on cloth, and some Damien Hirst stuff.  "Gold" by Neo Rauch go me all excited…I was sort of surprised to see it in a fair, since I think most of his stuff is going to museums these days.  And its becoming more and more hard to acquire.  My list of artists is in the car, and i’m in the press lab, so I’ll post day two’s highlights later.  And I’m off to an art talk, and day three! 

— Cara Despain

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