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Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen is a graduate of the University of Utah, with a BFA in Printmaking and a Certificate in Books Arts. Having been born and raised in Utah, and after several years spent living in California and traveling abroad, the true inspiration to her work continues to be that of home and the beautiful wildness of Utah. She now owns and operates a small mobile printing endeavor, The Hex Press, and continues to share her love of Printmaking, and its magic, with her community.

Artist Statement
After earning a degree in Printmaking, my process has centered around relief linoleum and woodcut prints over the last several years. I’m attracted to the challenge of creating movement and portraying something delicate and fragile from something as hard and, at times, unyielding, as wood. My recent work has been influenced by the flora and fauna native to Utah, and the human experience within and against it. I use the imagery of natural landscapes to portray specific emotion; the personification of desire in a fox’s stare, a sense of nostalgia in the changing of seasons, or the representation of sorrow in a hummingbird.


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