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Andrea Bowers’ Meeting Ground

Artist Andrea Bowers at the Ground Floor, SLC

Artist Andrea Bowers at the Ground Floor, SLC. Photo by Tyler Bloomquist.

Andrea Bowers lives at the intersection of art and activism. She may have been born there. As a young child she was drawn to art before she could walk, and by the time she was in kindergarten she was discussing politics with adults.

Bowers is the 2012 Warnock Artist in Residence at the University of Utah. Learn about her brand of art activism in the March 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. Where’s the Art? Let’s see the Bowers! This poseur is just another Alinsky-styled activist, gaming the system to siphon our public Art Grant money. She wants to talk;(and not very original talk at that), but where’s the paint? I can’t believe our public ART dollars are spent supporting a garden variety activist, Art Poseur, like her. Art must be unique,and women like her are a dime a dozen, turned out with factory production regularity, from our Academic system.. She has nothing seminal to give us. BORING……….. Why on earth would the UofU waste it’s education dollars on this. Why does the U support an obvious misandrist? Bigotry should be off the public payroll. o body’s born a misandrist. Students go to Art Dept., to learn painting, that’s what we pay the Universities to do, to teach them painting or at least other disciplinary Art skills.. If a visiting professor in the Music Dept got on stage and recited Karl Marx, would we call that Music, or even teaching music? If Ms.Bowers wants to be an activist, she should quite scamming the system. Go wait tables or do maid work, get in touch with workers, and support her own political frivolity . Sorry, I would have liked to have directed this comment on a discussion about Ms. Bowers art, but since she addressed only HER politics and mentions nothing about art, I had nothing to respond to.

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