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An Artful Environment JBR Environmental Seeks Exhibit Proposals

You may find opportunities to show and sell your art in some of the strangest places. Take, for example, the office suite of JBR Environmental Consultants at 8160 Highland Drive in Sandy. When the company renovated their office space several years ago, they did it with art in mind – neutral colored walls, a professional, easy-to-use hanging system, and good lighting. The firm has set aside wall space in two conference rooms, foyer, hallways, and an upstairs loft area to accommodate exhibits that change every three months.

Artists may apply to exhibit anytime, but the schedule is now booked through mid-2010. A three-person committee reviews artists’ work and assigns exhibit dates. JBR prints and mails invitations to their own growing list of art enthusiasts as well as to the artist’s own invitation list. They work with the artist to hold an evening reception and provide light refreshments for guests. In addition to the reception, JBR welcomes visitors anytime during business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., M-F). And, best of all, they take no commission on sales, but put buyers in touch with the artist.

Brian Buck

I was curious how JBR got into the business of supporting the art community. Brian Buck, a partner in the firm, acknowledged that he and his wife have collected art for some time. Besides that, they know from the experience of their artist son how challenging it can be for artists to get their work out of their basements to a place where it can be seen and appreciated.

The firm’s administrative assistant, Eleanor Ochs, who greets visitors and points them toward the art exhibit, says JBR employees benefit from the ever changing variety of art on the walls. “We learn so much about art; some [employees] didn’t know what “media” means in the art world, but now they do.”

Buck agrees that employees look forward to each new show and begin to understand how art is priced. “Our employees often buy art from our guest artists,” he says. By seeing more art and recognizing the value, they are building confidence to become savvy collectors.

Ochs says clients have purchased art from the exhibits, too. The firm likes to be known as a supporter of the arts.

When I visited JBR’s office gallery, artist Barbara Glick was holding her reception at the end of her three-month exhibit. In the short time I was there, I saw at least three satisfied customers leaving the building with a Glick painting under their arms.

The featured artist through the month of March is Eileen Vestal. For information about submitting your work for consideration, stop by during the reception or regular office hours, or call 801-943-4144.


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