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Aloe Corry at 35×35

Aloe Corry, “Care Instructions (polyptych),” 2021, watercolor on paper pasted to panel, 12 panels: 17 cm x 24 cm each

Comprising 12 individual watercolors pasted to panel, Aloe Corry’s “Care Instructions,” is representative of her narrative approach to art. Words frequently appear in her work, but in the case of “Care Instructions,” the gestures of the hands propel the narrative. The panels depict a step-by-step process for bandaging a wound, with a focus on the gestures and actions that hands can perform – from a delicate touch to a firm grip. Each panel, while similar in theme and style, portrays a unique interaction, suggesting the complexity and variety of human relationships and experiences. As Geoff Wichert has written about her work for 15 Bytes, “Corry plunges even deeper into the uncharted significance of what goes on inside a subject being represented.” The act depicted in “Care Instructions” is intimate and caring and beyond the story depicted, suggests themes of  teamwork, support, love, conflict, creation, and communication.

A Utah native, Corry studied at Brigham Young University (BFA) and the Northumbria University BxNU Institute (MFA). She works primarily in 2D media and has shown her work nationally and internationally.


Artists of Utah’s 35×35, Finch Lane Gallery, Salt Lake City, through Feb. 23

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