Al Denyer’s Gold Rush

During the month of January Salt Lake’s House Gallery presents Barents Shore, an exhibit of new works by University of Utah professor Alison (Al) Denyer. For the past several years Denyer has been using satellite imagery of rivers and coastline as the inspiration for her work. Her Flow Series, which won her a Utah Arts Council Visual Art Fellowship last year, was executed with extremely minute shadings on graphite pencil to create subtly evocative pieces. With this new body of work Denyer has turner her gaze to images of the rapidly shifting ice flows of the Arctic. Executed on black paper, with oil pastel and colored pencil, these large works are inspired by the rapidly increasing coastline and flowing sheets of ice that are making the once neglected region the source of a new gold rush. In this interview, recorded in the spring of 2011, Denyer discusses these new works and the geological and political turmoil they imply.

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