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Adobe Youth Voices Live: Young Digital Artists Showcased in Salt Lake

Adobe has impressively taken the push to give kids a chance to stimulate their creative minds to a whole new level. Their nonprofit organization, Adobe Youth Voices, provides schools and kids with cutting-edge media tools all over the world. With these tools, the students slip into a digital coma and are taken over by the videos, photos, and art they are able to produce. This nonprofit gives an improved sense of creation to our youth, ignites individual importance amongst the younger generation, and gives a sense of hope to our future where creativity arguably seems to be a new necessity.

On Thursday May 23, AYV LIVE!, hosted by the Salt Lake City Public Library, showcased work by local students. Spy Hop and Shift, along with over twelve schools ranging from American Fork High School to West High School, were able to participate in this two hour event. Countless hours and days were spent on the graphic design, photography, audio, and cinematography. Their hard work paid off. Not only did the productions elicit teen imagination, they also highlighted a handful of issues within their own community. These issues included exploring the refugee communities within Salt Lake City, promoting autism awareness, emphasizing the importance of higher education, and even giving proper recognition to animal welfare organizations. A sense of worthiness vibrated through the room Thursday evening, giving everyone leaving the event a higher sense of purpose.

That purpose was evident in Adriana Martinez’s film advocating for women to pursue college. The Spy Hop student’s film was marked by a rather mature sense cinematography combined with timely snapshots. With cuts to interviews with children on the subject, it was edited so as to create a light-hearted mood, while simultaneously relating to the crowd, with scenes of the filmmaker’s own life and story included. The edit was beautiful and the story inspiring.

Tayler Kim, from the Academy for Math, Engineering, Science, showcased a particularly unique solution to her class assignment to create a work based on a theme. Her struggle to generate an idea for this project turned into a photo essay on that struggle. The essay included ambiguous light bulbs that stood out through contrast that resembled some sort of modern take on a pop art appearance. These light bulbs symbolized her brainstorming excursion, which left the impression on the crowd that something can be made out of nothing. Her art teacher, Alisa Mcdonald, commented on Tayler’s work saying it took her “over four weeks of school work and countless hours outside of school” to create her digital masterpiece.

Mcdonald mentioned that introducing the students to a digital mode of art was not only beneficial for the student’s range of ability, it also sparked a new critical way of approaching their work. This spark could be seen in throughout each presentation. Adobe Youth Voices is paving the way for the kids everywhere to use their voice and their mind in a way that’s valuable for everyone.

Adobe Youth Voices Live!, a program of Adobe Foundation, was presented at the Salt Lake City Main Library Thursday, March 23 and featured a 70-minute reel of creative works by over 100 students from the Salt Lake City area. More information can be found at http://youthvoices.adobe.com/


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