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A Mural in Your Town?

CCS building in SLC

In this month’s edition of 15 Bytes (which should be out Wednesday evening), Amanda Moore takes a look at Ely, Nevada, a town she says was saved by artists. Or, rather, the murals they painted. So, all this month in Extra! Extra! we will be posting images of murals in towns all across Utah. If you have a photo of a mural in your town, send it to us, along with a description, to

Our first mural is in Salt Lake City. Unveiled on October 8, this mural was completed by Ruby Chacon and commissioned by Zion’s National Bank as part of Catholic Community Services’ $3 million capital renovation campaign. The mural appears on the front of the organization’s new building located at 745 E. 300 South. The mural, which includes images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Aztec trumpeters, weeping children ,and even members of Chacon’s family, was created as a symbol of hope for the city’s ability to bridge cultural divides.

Ruby Chacon mural

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