If you reached into your refrigerator and pulled out a carton of plump strawberries, only to find they’re covered in fuzzy, circular patches of fungus, you’d grimace and throw them away, right? You’d hardly examine the tiny, flowering patterns of decay and growth. But fascination with such microscopic details, which show how plush organic material changes over time, is one element that makes Naomie Marine’s drawings and soft sculptures alluring. Marine’s exhibit all things are waiting here, at Finch Lane Gallery through April 14, provides a detailed look at the beautiful and grotesque cycles that define the transient organic world, including our own bodies. . .


Read the review in the March 2017 edition of 15 Bytes.

Hannah McBeth

Hannah McBeth studied art history, classics, and Mediterranean archaeology before getting a Master's at Cambridge University. She enjoys writing, hiking, and traveling to far-off places. Follow her on Twitter @hannahmcbee.