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The Elk and the Portal: A New Mural by Daisuke Okamoto in Midvale

A mural created for the 2024 Los Muros on Main festival by Daisuke Okamoto offers a visual narrative that intertwines local symbolism with universal themes of identity and renewal.

Painted on the south side of the building at 7584 S Main Street, “Into the Elk” features a majestic elk as a symbol of Utah. The elk, with its intricate antlers and imposing presence, stands as a beacon of strength and resilience. Above it, the sky is adorned with line-shaped portals, inviting viewers into a realm of endless possibilities and interpretations. Birds, another prominent element in the mural, are depicted in dynamic flight, converging towards the elk and seemingly transforming into it. The artist says these birds represent freedom and the diverse individuals who gather in Midvale from around the globe. The visual metamorphosis from birds to elk symbolizes how these individuals collectively contribute to the fabric of Midvale, ultimately becoming integral parts of the city’s identity.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and currently based in Los Angeles, California, Japan, Okamoto  draws heavily from science fiction and psychedelic culture, creating pieces that are both visually stimulating and intellectually engaging. His murals can be found on the streets of major cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York, and internationally in Tokyo, Japan, and Berlin, Germany. 



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