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Mark England’s Biography

Mark England’s “Biography”
video by Michael Stack

Mark England was one of the first artist’s profiled in the pages of 15 Bytes. At the time, he was visited in his Alpine home, but he has since moved to Salt Lake and now maintains a home and studio in the Liberty Park area of the city. Place is important for England, especially in his works. First in his graphite drawings, and more recently in oil paintings, England has explored the importance of place, perspective and perception through a series of works that depict the “world,” or an idiosyncratic map of it, from a bird’s eye perspective. His “Biography,” a large oil work showing a map of North America and views of other continents, was recently purchased by Salt Lake County for its public collection. Videographer Mike Stack, a member of the Committee that selected the worked, interviewed England in his home.

Every year the Salt Lake County governement provides funds for the purchase of artwork to be included in The Salt Lake County Public Art Collection. The work is selected by a group of community volunteers and all work is on public display. Other artists whose work has been purchased this year include: Brandon Cook, Luke Frazier, Carolyn Guild, Shalee Cooper, Cris Baczek, Darryl Erdmann, Erin Berrett, Joseph Everett, Kathleen Peterson.

Work by Mark England

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