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Scandal erupts at 15 Bytes! People are buying articles!

No, we’re not a pay-to-play sort of publication. People aren’t sending us a check and expecting us to write an article on them. But we recently sent out an email about our current edition, noting that on average it costs us $125 to produce an article in 15 Bytes – that’s for the writing, images, editing, web management, marketing and more. Which actually isn’t that much. In all, we’re able to produce our online magazine — more than 250 articles a year — for less than one person’s salary.We immediately received a donation for $125. So, that kind contributor is responsible for bringing you one of the articles in our March edition (we didn’t ask which one). And then we received another donation. And another.We don’t actually ask our readers to cover all our costs. We write grants and offer underwriting space – the normal sorts of things nonprofits do. But we do ask our readers to come up with 30 percent of our funding. We do that 1) because we have no other choice, we need the financial support; but really we do it because 2) when our readers support the magazine we know we’re doing something right.

So, would you like to feel ownership of one of our stories? We’ll let you decide which one. “Buy” one outright for $125 and you won’t have to share that ownership with any foundations or advertisers. Or $37.50 will cover the 30 percent we’re asking our readers to cover. Of course, we appreciate contributions in any amount — take pride in paying for one of our shorter articles, or a really choice paragraph.

Go to our Support page and you can make a one-time donation today, or sign up for recurring donations – a small amount donated to our organization each month without you having to think about it.

We are a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit and accept donations via check, credit card, Venmo or Paypal.

Shawn Rossiter
Editor, 15 Bytes
Trying not to sell out (or at least not much) since 2001.

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