Movement Matters: Dance in Times of Adversity


Attending two performances addressing themes of gender, sexuality, race, and power in Salt Lake City over the same weekend in November was disorienting. UMOCA’s When Flesh Becomes Matter: Bodies Unbounded, by choreographer Yasin (Ya-Ya) Fairley, and the University of Utah School of Dance’s Gender/Power, by Maya Ciarrocchi and Kris Grey alongside U of U students, were both curated to support LGBTQ youth. These programs and the people they support – including queer-femmes like myself – are facing disenfranchisement and overt attack by Donald Trump’s imminent presidency, notably emboldening members of the alt-right. Yet, these programs and these people are persevering, bearing the light of hope in a time of blind fear and apprehension. . .

Read the article in the December 2016 edition of 15 Bytes.

Emma Wilson is a recent graduate of the University of Utah with a BFA in Modern dance and a minor in Environmental Studies as well as in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. She has written for loveDANCEMORE along with 15Bytes and creates socially and environmentally engaged dance-theater work.

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