337: No Budget, No Staff, No Problem

In Sunday’s paper, the staff at the Salt Lake Tribune took a look back at 2007 to rate the biggest visual arts events of the year. Though the big-name institutions like BYU’s MoA and the UMFA were mentioned, it was a local lawyer and graphic designer who decided to hand over their decrepit downtown building to local artists that won the paper’s accolades. When it opened its doors in May, the 337 project attracted throngs of visitors; many hadn’t stepped foot in a gallery or museum for years, if ever. Plans for the future of the property are still going through revision, so the building has yet to be demolished. One can’t help wonder if owners Adam and Dessi Price aren’t just reluctant to let go of the experience that altered their lives as well as the local visual arts community. Gambling sorts would be wise to put their money on seeing the couple again in 2008.

To relive the 337 project, here’s a video posted on YouTube a couple of months ago by participating artist Trent Call.

What do you think was the biggest visual arts event in 2007? Tell us by posting a comment by using the link below.


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