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Drawing From the Lake: Hikmet Sidney Loe at Chapman Library


. . . In her work as an academic, Loe has taken numerous individuals and groups, both by land and by air, to visit the lake and its world-famous landmark Spiral Jetty. Her trips to the lake in helicopters provide for the most striking images in her portfolio, three of which are on exhibit here. Seen from above, the lake’s full palette comes in view—pinks and magentas mix with grays, greens, whites and blues— and the causeways that concentrate the lake’s brine shrimp in the northern half become strong compositional elements, bisecting the images like a Barnett Newman “zip” . . .

Read the review in the January 2015 edition of 15 Bytes. 

The founder of Artists of Utah and editor of its online magazine, 15 Bytes, Shawn Rossiter has undergraduate degrees in English, French and Italian Literature and studied Comparative Literature in graduate school before pursuing a career in art.

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