2011 Fall Fundraiser

Utah needs an art magazine.

Utah’s art magazine needs you.

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What do you pay for?

We have five part-time staff members we pay to edit and layout the content that goes into 15 Bytes. This includes collecting and editing all the listings for our Up & Upcoming pages, editing the over 12,000 words that go into every edition and the hundreds of photographs, and shooting and editing the video content. And when that’s all done and they catch their breath we ask them to post in our Daily Bytes section. In addition, they keep the artist directory, exhibitions section, and message board going.

We appreciate donations in any amount.

Student or starving artist? May we suggest a $15 donation.
A little more comfortable? The average (mean) amount for our contributors is $70.

We appreciate the support you have given us the past ten years. We look forward to working with you for another decade.


If you’d like to receive a thank-you gift from one of our community sponsors, please let us know when you contribute. Many of these are in limited supply and will be available on a first-come first-serve basis.

$25 Donation

A 15 Bytes t-shirt, in black or in white, in a variety of sizes.

$50 Donation

An underwriting ad in the pages of 15 Bytes. Use it any time in the next 12 months.

$75 Donation

A pair of tickets to Utah Chamber Artists’ Christmas Concert, Carols & Lullabies, Tuesday, December 13

A pair of tickets to Utah Chamber Artists’ Winter Concert, Psalms & Symphonies, February 27, 2012

A pair of tickets to Repertory Dance Theater’s Charette, February 11, 2012

The Art of the Bookstore by Gibbs Smith, autographed copy in case

$100 Donation

A pair of tickets to Messiah, Miss Evers’ Boys, The Crucible or Xanadu at Salt Lake’s Grand Theatre

A pair of tickets to Pacifica Quartet, Wednesday, January 18, (sponsored by Chamber Music Society of Salt Lake City)

A pair of tickets to Ririe-Woodbury’s Kaleideocope, February 3-4, 2012

$125 Donation

$150 Donation

A pair of tickets to the Utah Opera

A pair of tickets to the Utah Symphony