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15 Bytes Reader Survey Results

If you’re reading this, you’re probably among the 47.9% of our readers who, according to our recent 15 Bytes Reader Survey, were aware that 15 Bytes has a blog (see question #7 below). The “blog” is what we call this portion of our site — the (mostly) daily content we publish on Utah’s art world. It’s officially known as our Daily Bytes section. What was once a space for intermittent expansion of the content published in our monthly editions of 15 Bytes has now become a sort of publication all its own,  providing the public as much content in between editions as we do in the editions themselves.

But obviously, we haven’t done a good enough job publicizing this aspect of our programming, as we learned earlier this month when we sent out a survey to the more than 3000 individuals subscribed to 15 Bytes, and over 52% of the respondents said they weren’t even aware we had a blog.

There were a few other surprises in the responses we received.

We always knew we had readers outside the state, but were surprised to learn they make almost 8% of our readership. That prompted us to look at our Google Analytics account, where we learned that cities like San Francisco, New York, Denver and Los Angeles send as much traffic to our site as Provo, Layton or St. George.

The number of new readers (27% of respondents have started reading within the past year) wasn’t a surprise, though. We’ve been monitoring our growth, and for the past quarter we have had 33% more traffic than we did at the same time last year. And that’s based on “unique visitors” rather than returned visitors. So it’s not just that, with all our Daily Bytes content, people are reading more (though that’s true too), but that more people are reading.

There’s more to learn from the survey but we don’t need to bore you with our conclusions. You can see the results for yourself below.




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