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15 Bytes Post-Stroll

15 Bytes will be holding a casual post-stroll gathering on Friday, March 19th. We will be meeting at Caffe Molise/The Artful Cup (55 West 100 South) immediately following Gallery Stroll. The post-stroll meetings are an opportunity for writers from 15 Bytes to gather after the Stroll and discuss this month’s exhibitions. All members of the community are invited for an informal get-together to network, discuss the night’s exhibitions and larger aesthetic issues or simply grab something warm and hot after all the night’s finger food.

By 9 pm some parking spots usually open up in the area. Salt Lake Art Center members can get free parking all night. Contact the Art Center for more information. If you plan on ordering something from Caffe Molise, plan on getting your orders in by 9:30 pm.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to see this Gallery Stroll, check out page 8 of the current edition. Be sure to see the Rod Heiss and Paul Reynolds exhibits at Finch Lane, and the Caryolyn Coalson and Francesc Burgos shows at Phillips (all of which were featured in this month’s edition). You’ll also want to see the Launch-11 exhibit of contemporary sculpture at the Salt Lake Art Center.

Standford Mirling, Brandi, Won’t You?, 2008, oak, vinyl, mixed media, 87″ x 34″ x 30″, courtesy Salt Lake Art Center

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  1. I love the new Artful Cup; what a great idea to bring in more guests to the gallery and expose new artists at the Hands gallery. Congrats to them!

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