Utah Artists – P

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter P.

Don Prys

Don Prys says, “I relish in daily views of the Wasatch Mountain’s majestic vistas and wide expanses. You will see my lifelong appreciation for the spirit and grandeur of the West in my body of work.” 15 Bytes

Patricia Priebe

Patricia Priebe’s paintings are watercolor and ink depicting the landscapes of Southern Utah, particularly the Capitol Reef National Park area. 15 Bytes

Bonnie Posselli

Bonnie Posselli paints the wonders of the Utah landscape with a sensitive appreciation for color and form. 15 Bytes

Pamela Poulson

Pamela Poulson a Utah native, has been a student of the environment since her first buttercups and pollywogs in Fairview irrigation ditches. She returns to Serigraphy following a 30-year diversion into Biogeopgraphy. 15 Bytes

Marv Poulson

Marv Poulson creates color photographs in natural light, engaging the emotions evoked by the natural realm, especially the mystery of light-play in the world. 15 Bytes

Pilar Pobil

Pilar Pobil is a native of Spain but lives and paints in SLC, creating works of fluid line and expressionistic color.15 BYTES article 15 Bytes

Neena Plant

Neena Plant paints bright, transparent watercolors inspired by dreams, imagination, memory, and reality.

Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips is an artist based in Park City, Utah. She works in ceramic, bronze, wood and other mixed media. 15 Bytes

Denis Phillips

Denis Phillips is a SLC painter who works comfortably both in abstract and representational modes.

David Pettit

David Pettit lives in Springdale and specializes in photographs of the Colorado Plateau and Intermountain West. 15 Bytes

Rachel Pettit

Rachel Pettit is an avid oil painter who continually strives to capture the spirit of the landscape in a fresh, impressionistic style. 15 Bytes