Utah Artists – F

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter F.

Alex Foster

Bio Alex Foster was born in 1987 and raised in Southern California. Using inspiration from pop art, popular culture, social pressures and intimate relationships he creates objects within a narrative context which are sympathetic, evoking emotions such as sadness, hopelessness, rejection and defeat, while maintaining a sense of […]

Jerry Fuhriman

Jerry Fuhriman is a native of northern Utah, where he spends much of his time translating the local landscape into shimmering oil paintings.

Aaron Fritz

Aaron Fritz focuses on Landscapes and Regional land markers. He is expressionist painter using heavy texture, glazing and color. He uses simplistic layers to achieve a contemporary look.

Grant Fuhst

Grant Fuhst is a self-taught artist living in Salt Lake. He is currently represented by the Contemporary Art and Design Gallery.

Luke Frazier

Luke Frazier is a native of northern Utah, an area which provides him inspiration for his wildlife paintings.

Etsuko Freeman

Etsuko Freeman is a ceramic sculptor and installation artist. [portfolio_slideshow] 15 Bytes

Kevin Frazier

Kevin Frazier, a potter and ceramic artist, creates Raku wall hangings, vases, bowls and platters.

Jim Frazer

Jim Frazer uses mixed media, photography, and digital imagery to explore relationships between science, art, memory and perception.

Kory Fluckiger

Kory Fluckiger is a a self-taught watercolor painter and author of Watercolor for the First Time, from Ogden, UT.

Nathan Florence

Nathan Florence is a Salt Lake City artist who paints figures and landscapes.

Joni Flint

Joni Flint a native of Utah and is a oil painter of the Western lifestyle.