Utah Artists – D

Directory of Utah Artists arranged alphabetically. The letter D.

AmberLynn Dees

BIO AmberLynn Dees is an artist residing in the state of Utah. She has developed her unique style while studying the natural flow of human movement, specifically the movement of hair. This flow is apparent in her artwork and is the cornerstone of her body of work. The […]

Marian Dunn

Marian Dunn is Salt Lake City artist who works in a variety of media.

Downy Doxey

Downy Doxey is a multi-media artist who uses a variety of techniques and materials, including embroidery and photography, to create her evocations of an interior space that evokes nostalgia. READ our 15 Bytes Artist Profile here. 15 BytesUTAH’S ART MAGAZINE SINCE 2001, 15 Bytes is published by Artists of […]

Karen Dreyfus

Karen Dreyfus was born in El Salvador. She lives in Salt Lake where she creates mixed-media portraits, collages and prints. 15 BytesUTAH’S ART MAGAZINE SINCE 2001, 15 Bytes is published by Artists of Utah, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sheri Doty

Sheri Doty concentrates on figurative work in a classical realist style using oils and colored pencils.

Sonya Dinsdale

Sonya Dinsdale says: I speak through paint, chalk, paper and fabric. Brush strokes and counter parallel panes carry you through the picture plane, creating a sensation of depth and rhythm; expressing movement of time, space, and life.

Roldan Din

Roldan Din is a multi-media artist whose work focuses on change. “I try to capture transitions unconsciously by creating tangible pieces over periods of time. My works are impulses of the moments I am in and collectively they are layers of time passing and of movements from one […]

Damon Denys

Damon Denys Fine Art Romantic oil paintings in high realism–Shakespearean subjects, British landscapes, and contemporary Pre-Raphaelite themes by Utah painter Damon Denys.

David Delthony

David Delthony Sculptured Furniture created from laminated wood; organic and ergonomic forms; 2002 Utah Arts Council Fellowship Award & 2005 Individual Artist Grant, Utah Arts Council. 15 bytes article

Brigitte Delthony

Brigitte Delthony Inspired by prehistoric cultures Brigitte Delthony creates primitive pottery and ceramic sculptures, handbuilt and pitfired.

Cameron Davidson

Cameron Davidson is a contemporary realist who paints a variety of subject matters including Figurative, Still life and Landscape in oil. He resides in Saratoga Springs, Utah with his wife and three children. 15 BytesUTAH’S ART MAGAZINE SINCE 2001, 15 Bytes is published by Artists of Utah, a 501 […]

Stefanie Dykes

Stefanie Dykes is a Salt Lake City printmaker of intricate, classically inspired designs and co-founder of Saltgrass Printmakers.